SPRING KING – ‘New Favourite Band.’

SPRING KING - September 2014Manchester band SPRING KING have today been declared Radio 6music’s Steve Lamacq as ‘This Week’s New Favourite Band.’

Of course, that comes as no real surprise to this smug wee bastard who was raving about the band back in March 2013 – before they had either a Facebook page or PR photos.

They have just returned from playing in Hamburg, and have the following gigs coming up over the next few days :

24th September (tonight!) – Liverpool Shipping Forecast

25th September – Manchester Night & Day

26th September – Leeds Brundell Games Room

27th September – Nottingham Stealth

AND DON’T FORGET … you can buy a copy of their debut single ‘Mumma,’ on 7″ vinyl from LOUD HORIZON RECORDS.

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GURU GURU – Live in Wiesbaden 1972

In 1974 ( I was just a young thing!) I bought the album ‘Dance Of The Flames’ by German ‘krautrock’ bGuru-Guruand GURU GURU on the strength of having heard a couple of tracks played in the dingy premises of Virgin Records, Glasgow. That album has remained one of my favourites to this day, and so when the opportunity presented itself to add this particular Limited Edition (500 copies only) pressing to the stock at LOUD HORIZON RECORDS, I simply couldn’t pass.

(In a way I kinda hope it doesn’t sell, as it would be a welcome addition to my own collection!!)

NOTE: only one copy available, so head on over quickly if you’re interested!

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THE BLACK ANGELS – on casssette!

THE BLACK ANGELS - Directions To See A GhostTHE BLACK ANGELS - PassoverPsyche giants THE BLACK ANGELS have just re-issued two of their albums on Limited Edition (1500 copies) cassettes. Both ‘Directions To See A Ghost‘ and ‘Passover’ are available from the LOUD HORIZON RECORDS store. Both are sure to become collectors’ items, so go get ’em!

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13th FLOOR ELEVATORS: The Complete Elevators’ 1A Singles Collection

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS - The Complete 1A Singles Collection

This little beauty arrived today and is available over at the LOUD HORIZON RECORDS store.

New and sealed, this is the complete Limited Edition Box Set, containing all seven of the band’s legendary 7″” vinyl singles PLUS a bonus 7″ of their pre-Elevators incarnation as The Spades. Each of the eight singles comes in a different coloured vinyl.

The singles come with their original designed labels and with large centre holes in the same fashion as the original issues.The glossy 7″ single-sized box also contains an info-packed insert.

This much sought-after set is currently going for silly-money on the likes of Discogs and other sites. Get it while you can!

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Dark Horses logo - 225

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to miss the brilliant DARK HORSES play King Tuts in Glasgow tonight. As you can imagine, having banged on about them over two years ago, I am well gutted to say the least. But with tracks from their latest (second) album‘Hail Lucid State,’ receiving national airplay courtesy of Radio6 Music amongst others, I’m sure they’ll be back sometime in the not-too-distant future.

I’ll make sure I’m better organised then!

(You an buy a copy of their debut single ‘Radio’ over at the shop.)

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GERMAN MEASLES (of the good kind.)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - German Measles - Vol 2VARIOUS ARTISTS - German Measles - Vol 1These two little beauties have just arrived at LOUD HORIZON RECORDS.

Beat music may have been born in Britain, but it was schooled and nurtured in the dank clubs of the Reeperbahn, spawning a homegrown beat group scene that sprouted early and proliferated rapidly. By 1964, West Germany was a buzzing hive of beat music. The German record industry, which also commanded some of the best-equipped recording studios in the world, was quick to cash in on the new youth craze, churning out a steady stream of vinyl to the marketplace. Lost, forgotten, misplaced or ignored in this rash of releases was some of the most exciting rock ‘n’ roll music of the era.

On ‘German Measels‘, Cree Records / Bear Family digs deep to present some of the very best music to come out of Germany in the Sixties, some of it by fiendishly obscure groups who failed to make even the slightest dent outside of their home towns. Compiled and annotated by Mike and Anja Stax of ‘Ugly Things’ magazine, many of these tracks are seeing their first appearance on vinyl since the Sixties.

‘German Measles Vol. 1’: ‘Flames Of Love‘  (red cover) is a veritable inferno of raucous garage beat and moody punk R&B sounds with rare reelin’ and rockin’ tracks by The Blizzards, The Boots, The Pralins, Les Copains, The Starfighters, The Details and more.

Meanwhile, ‘German Measles Vol. 2′: ‘Sun Came Out At Seven‘ celebrates the beat scene’s thrilling evolution into the converging realms of Mod, harmony pop, freakbeat and the first blossoms of psychedelia, as demonstrated by mind-blowing cuts from The Petards, The Dukes, The Ones, Tony Hendrik Five, The Rags and The Chosen Few and more. Not to mention Der Hund von Baskerville, Cindy & Bert’s sensational, revved-up take on Black Sabbath’sParanoid.

Mastered from the original tapes and packaged with Bear Family‘s usual flair and style, complete with rare photos and track-by-track liner notes, ‘German Measles‘aims to spread this unique outbreak of Sixties sonic thrills to the world.

Both albums come on 180g vinyl and with gatefold sleeves.

Obscure … but quality!




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LOUD HORIZON Banner for Bandcamp

Yeah – the LOUD HORIZON blog is back!

Not in the same format as before – the blog will not as a matter of course be reviewing new music – but more in a manner of highlighting the music (principally vinyl, but also CD and cassette) that is available to buy through the related LOUD HORIZON RECORDS shop.

It’s taken ages to set up the shop, doing it on a ‘piecemeal’ basis over the past many months, but it’s now ready and test transactions have shown it to be operational at long last!

The aim is to stock ‘niche,’ products from the more ‘obscure’ end of the musical spectrum, if you like, as well as generally psych; psychedelic; 60s garage; punk; krautrock; experimental; Japanese underground; free jazz etc..

To kick things off though, and in ‘celebration’ of the site going ‘live’ there are many CDs and vinyl singles from artrock / indie / punk bands from the mid 2000s available at truly giveaway prices – from only £1 (+pp)

All products for sale, unless otherwise marked are new, most of which are sealed. Those few which aren’t were bought direct from the bands back in the day and remain unplayed. Guaranteed.

(Should there be any artists / bands / labels out there are reading this and would like to consider LOUD HORIZON RECORDS as a vehicle for selling their music, then please get in touch either via the contact form below, or by dropping an e-mail to loudhorizonrecords@gmail.com )



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