DELTA MAINLINE: ‘Florentine Regime.’

DELTA MAINLINE - 200 - March 2013DELTA MAINLINE are a seven-piece from Edinburgh that weave some brilliant psychedelic textures into their expansive sound. Although they have been around since 2009 and contributed to various compilation albums as well as releasing their own EP (the catchily named ‘In a World Full of Madness, the Simple Joy of Melody Can Pull You Through’) in 2010, they are only now getting around to releasing their debut album.

‘Oh! Enlightened,’ was recorded at Glasgow’s iconic Chem 19 Studios and saw the band holed-up there for much of last year. The following track is lifted from the album which is scheduled for a May 20th release, and if this is typical of what to expect, then we’re in for a beezer!

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One Response to DELTA MAINLINE: ‘Florentine Regime.’

  1. Pete says:

    Great track. Have since checked their new album out on Spotify.
    What a big future this band have.

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